Record profits for left-handed screwdriver firm

Left handed screwdriver

A Norfolk engineering firm has announced record profits are inventing the world’s first left-handed screwdriver.

For years, left-handed builders have struggled to use the everyday screwdriver efficiently.

But thanks to Wroxham-based Screw You Ltd, they can now tackle even the toughest of jobs with ease.

The special screwdriver was the brainchild of company director Mr Stanley Phillips, 57, who spent months perfecting his designs before patenting the final product.

He even employed his left-handed brother to test the new equipment repeatedly until he was sure he had got it “just right”.

Screw You is now available at DIY centres throughout the country, and has already secured distributors in the US and across Europe.

Looking just like a normal screwdriver, right-handed people will struggle to use it.

Since being launched just before Christmas last year, the company has recorded record sales of £17 million, giving a profit of £3.3 million.

A Screw You spokesman said: “This is excellent news for us and for our staff, which has now grown to 27 people as we have expanded our production line.”

The company said it had plenty of other exciting new products in the pipeline.

Ideas currently under serious consideration include left-handed spades, a long weight, striped paint – and even refillable tubes of elbow grease.

“We like to think of ourselves as pioneers in the tools world,” the spokesman explained.

The success of the Norfolk firm mirrors that of Suffolk company Gareth Lewis Waterworks Ltd, whose invention HoseAway allows a garden hose attachment to run off WiFi without the need for a hose.

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