Man’s glass eye drops out on fairground ride

Glass eye

There were horrifying scenes at a Norfolk fairground yesterday when a man lost his glass eye on the “Big Drop”.

Harry Nelson, 34, was enjoying a day out at the traveling fair near Cromer when the accident happened.

Everything seemed normal as he and six others sat strapped into their seats as the contraption winched them higher and higher into the air.

But As he plunged the 100 foot down the ride, he screamed so much his glass eye popped out and fell to the ground as well.

Horrified fellow passengers assumed it was his real eye and screamed in terror.

But Harry, who was unharmed, thought the whole thing was hilarious.

He calmly got out of his seat at the bottom and asked fairground workers to help him look for the eye, but it could not be found anywhere.

“It was a bit of a shame because I have had that eye for ten years,” said Harry, who works as an estate agent in Norwich.

“I hoped it would have just rolled away a little bit, but we couldn’t find it.

“I suppose it was just lucky it did not hit anyone below when it fell down to the ground. It could have had someone’s eye out.

He has now gone to the doctors to arrange for a new eye to be made.

A spokesman for the fair said its rides were entirely safe and Harry’s accident was a one-off.

The fair was at the site on a public park for two days and has now moved on to its next venue in Lincolnshire.

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