NASA mission looks for intelligent life in Suffolk

Space probe

NASA is to launch a major operation to search for signs of intelligent life in Suffolk, it has emerged.

Boffins will send a probe to the remote East Anglian county on Tuesday, and expect it to land by 2023.

Following a successful mission to Mars, where they found running water, NASA hopes to discover evidence of electricity, broadband Internet and even intelligent species.

A spokesman said: “Our initial satellite imagery suggests there may be some conditions in Suffolk capable of sustaining life.

“But we must not get our hopes up – the area is extremely harsh and hostile by nature.”

People in neighbouring Norfolk have been convinced for years that there is something odd in Suffolk, with folklore passed down generations of hunched caveman-like figures roaming the heathlands and coastal districts.

Norfolk scientist Trevor Hayworth enthused: “It does not seem plausible that the only intelligent life in East Anglia can be right here in Norfolk. This is an exciting mission from NASA, and we are also staring out to Suffolk from our observatories in case we see anything.”

The NASA team intends to send its rocket ship along the space highway known as sector A140.

It will then release an unmanned vehicle, dubbed the Suffolk Rover, to roam around the landscape taking samples and generally having a good poke about.

Photographs taken along the way will be beamed back to NASA HQ in Washington – and these may prove that there is life in Suffolk after all.

“It’s all very exciting,” the NASA spokesman added. “All the team back at base is also nervous because we have never sent a probe this far away before.”

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