Nudist beach shock for Blakeney

Norfolk nudist beach

By Phil McCracken

There was shock across Norfolk last night after it was confirmed a nudist beach will be opened at Blakeney next summer.

Families and wildlife fans have been warned that a 100-metre stretch of the famous Norfolk coastline will be available to those who enjoy sunbathing with no clothes on.

The nudist beach, which was voted through at a heated council meeting last night, is expected to be hugely popular, despite the unpredictable English weather.

Residents and rich London second-home owners were unimpressed, and local vicar, The Rev Neil Cushion claimed frolicking around naked was sinful and would surely promote promiscuity.

The nudist beach was proposed in order to broaden Blakeney’s appeal, because visitors were said to be bored with the breathtaking walks and famous seal colony.

Tourism chief James Woods said: “It is about time this part of Norfolk joined the 21st century.

“The beach will be only 100 metres wide, and it will be roped off. Families should be aware that the beach and those using it will be visible to anyone walking past.”

He said if there was enough interest, the council would consider building a viewing platform for curious passers-by.

The Rev Cushion attacked the idea. “It’s awful. People visit Blakeney precisely because it is a traditional area with the right sort of birds and wildlife.

“Who wants to visit when they will come face to face with bare breasts, bottoms and worse?”

And local baker Caroline Hawkins was aghast at the suggestion of nudity on her doorstep.

“The only floury baps on display in Blakeney should be mine,” she said.

Local nudist John Thomas, 73, from Great Yarmouth, defended the news. He said: “We were born with no clothes on. It is perfectly natural.

“If you don’t like it, don’t look. Just walk on by and go and see the seals.

“But they don’t have any clothes on either.”

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