Norfolk Police to shoot drivers caught using mobiles

Police shoot drivers on phone

Norfolk Police have been given new powers to SHOOT any drivers caught using their mobile phones at the wheel.

The tough measures are being introduced to clamp down on irresponsible motorists once and for all.

Police marksmen will take position on top of bridges, high buildings and even in trees so they can easily spot those breaking the law.

Others will sit in the passenger seats of patrol cars on the county’s major roads so they can draw up alongside, wind down the window and take aim at anyone looking at or speaking into their phone.

“They will shout a warning,” a Norfolk Police insider explained, “and if they are ignored, they have the authority to open fire.”

Senior officers say they expect to see a drastic reduction in drivers illegally using their phones as a result of the new initiative.

And that will lead to a fall in road accidents and injuries.

The insider added: “No one wants to be shot while driving along Norfolk roads, so this should solve the problem once and for all.

“Anyone who continues to ignore the law will soon find themselves on the wrong end of a pistol.”

The news came after more than a third of motorists admitted to having used their mobile phone while driving.

Some 39% said they had used their phone without a hands-free kit – and 15,000 people have been caught since £200 fines and six penalty points were introduced in March.

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