I blew £15,000 in one year snorting Scampi Fries

scampi fries

Norfolk man Jez Dwyer says his life has been ruined by his bizarre addiction to sniffing packets of Scampi Fries.

While most people enjoy tucking in to the tasty snack, unemployed Jez can’t get enough of sniffing them.

He says he has now spent an incredible £15,000 on Scampi Fries in the last year alone, and has got himself into serious debt.

His girlfriend has left him in disgust, and now his neighbours have begun complaining about the smell.

“The flat is simply getting full of recently opened packets of them,” he explained.

“I don’t like eating them, I’m just addicted to the smell. I open a packet, cup my hands around it and snort to my heart’s content. After a while the smell wears off and I have to open another packet.”

Mr Dwyer, 27, who lives in Norwich, says he just can’t stop. He spoke to his doctor but was told there was nothing that could be done.

“I’m fuming, to be honest,” he said. “Alcoholics or drug addicts get all the help they need at great expense.

“But there is not even one drop-in centre for people addicted to Scampi Fries. I was told I should pay for some hypnotherapy or something.”

His bizarre addiction has cost him so much money that he is behind with his rent and facing eviction.

“My girlfriend left me and I face being chucked out of my home. Scampi Fries are ruining my life.”

He said he had self-excluded himself from his local corner shop – but the cravings were too much and he simply popped into Tesco instead.

Smiths, which manufactures the scampi and lemon flavoured cereal snack, was unavailable for comment.

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