Stephen Fry and Barry Fry are secret cousins

Stephen and Barry Fry
Norfolk entertainment legend Stephen Fry has discovered he is a long-lost cousin of cheeky-chappy football director Barry Fry.

The link was made by BBC show Who Do You Think You Are, which was tracing the Peterborough United Director of Football’s family tree.

To the researchers’ amazement, they were able to draw a link down from a 72-year-old Barry’s late uncle Stan ‘Fish’ Fry to Stephen, 60.

Although Norfolk’s Stephen is achingly posh and appears to have nothing in common with Barry, they are actually several similarities.

For a start, both of them gave the surname Fry.

Also, they are both involved in professional football – Stephen is on the Norwich City board, while Barry is Director of Football at Peterborough United in neighbouring Cambridgeshire.

Both have a good sense of humour, although Stephen is not quite so coarse as his cousin.

An insider on the BBC show said: “Barry’s family tree was starting to look a little bit boring. They had not really moved far from Bedford for centuries.

“Then we made the dramatic link through Barry’s uncle, who moved to Norfolk just before the war, and Stephen.

“It makes for great viewing when Barry marches up to Stephen at a Carrow Road game and, in front of the cameras, reveals they are cousins.

“Stephen didn’t know what to say – and Delia Smith thought it was a hoot. Stephen has now come to terms with the news.”

A pal of Stephen’s said: “He is just getting used to having this new extended family – but has no intention of switching his allegiance to Peterborough United. They’re even worse than Ipswich.”

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