Suffolk selfie stick popular with farmers

The Suffolk selfie stick

Farmers in Suffolk have been excitedly showing off a new selfie stick to their chums, it has emerged.

They have come up with the hi-tech device as a way of taking their own photograph while working in the fields.

A resident in Harleston, Norfolk, said: “I can see the Suffolk farmers over the border from my window.

“I suppose it’s quite endearing to see these numpties south of the border using their pitchforks in this way.

“But one day modern technology will arrive – even in Suffolk.”

It is believed the Suffolk selfie stick was invented by chance when one farmer dropped his phone in a field – and his colleague accidentally picked it up with his fork.

The camera then went off and took a photograph of the startled farm hand.

One Suffolk farmer told the Norfolk Gazette: “Most of us have not got smart phones because we’re not exactly smart.

“But we still play around with our pitchforks pretending to take selfies because we don’t like being the odd one out.”

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