Tractor sex man moves to Norfolk, farmers warned


A man who became infamous for having sex with 450 tractors has now moved to Norfolk, farmers in the county have been warned.

Police say Ralph Bishop, 55, has moved to the Downham Market area after being hounded out of Suffolk.

Bishop was forced to sign the sex offenders’ register and ordered to stay away from farm machinery after being caught acting out his sexual fantasies on a gleaming green John Deere.

When officers raided his house near Saxmundham in Suffolk, they found more than 5,000 images of tractors on his laptop.

Now Bishop has moved to Norfolk, meaning he had to tell police about his new address.

Officers have been discreetly visiting farmers in the county to warn them to look out for Bishop in their fields.

A Norfolk police insider said: “This is a sick man with a long history of interfering with tractors.

“It is quite normal in these sorts of cases for us to warn the local community if a person such as this moves into the area.

“There is no reason for members of the public to be alarmed, however.”

Bishop was told not to go within one mile of a farm after police caught him with his trousers down, wearing only a white t-shirt and Wellington boots while interfering with a John Deere.

A spokesman for the National Farmers’ Union confirmed members in Norfolk had been warned about Bishop’s arrival from Suffolk.

Bishop refused to comment to the Norfolk Gazette, saying only: “I have changed my ways. I am now an ex-tractor fan.”

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