Wells-next-the-Sea to twin with Jaywick


There was fury in Norfolk today after it was revealed Wells-next-the-Sea is to be twinned with Jaywick in Essex.

Tourism chiefs fear the Norfolk resort has gained a reputation for being too stuffy – and decided it needed to embrace a “common touch”.

They considered building a few extra council houses with sea views, making the beach nudist friendly, or even building a greyhound racing stadium.

But in the end they thought it would be cheaper and far easier to reach out to a lower class seaside town in Essex and pretend to be friendly with them.

Jaywick, pictured above, is one of the country’s poorest areas, and fitted the bill perfectly.

Residents there, many of whom have starred on TV shows such as Channel 5’s Benefits By The Sea, had never even heard of Wells-next-the-Sea, let alone wanted to be associated with it.

The Daily Mail worked itself into a frenzy over the series, revealing it featured a pregnant heroin addict a woman with ‘confused.com’ tattooed on her head.

It is expected the Mail will become equally cross when it hears of the twinning plan.

Road signs into Wells-next-the-Sea will soon proclaim it is twinned with Jaywick, and local council officials are looking forward to welcoming people from the Essex town, which is near Clacton, to tour Norfolk.

However, they have stressed there is “really no need” for the Jaywick people to go to the trouble of inviting them down to the Essex coast.

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