Motorsport shock: Man in fastest car wins most races

Lerwis Hamilton world champion

A man with the fastest car has predictably gone quicker than everyone else to win most of the races, it has emerged.

Stevenage man Mr Lewis Hamilton, 32, who once visited Norfolk, received a world champion award tonight.

Formula One expert Alan Luffield-Woodcote said: “If you want to win races, it helps to have the fastest car.

“Mr Hamilton ensured this was the case, and in the 2017 Formula One season, he has surprised absolutely nobody by going the fastest overall, despite finishing only 9th in Mexico after getting a puncture on the first lap.”

It is the fourth world championship for Mr Hamilton, leaving television viewers who do not really get the finer nuances of Grand Prix racing to wonder if something might be done to even the playing field.

Housewife Dorothy Smith, 46, from Hunstanton in Norfolk, contacted the Norfolk Gazette to say: “I feel a bit sorry for the drivers in the slow cars.

“It can’t be much fun watching all the rich boys in their flashy fast cars lapping them all the time.

“The faster cars should be forced to use only three wheels or something to make it fairer.”

Mr Hamilton, who drives a Mercedes car in his races, is expected to race for the German manufacturer again next season.

However, if one of the other teams, like Ferrari, Red Bull or even Williams get a very fast car, then one of their drivers may predictably win all the races next year instead.

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