Marcus Evans forces Mick McCarthy to carry swear box

swear box

Ipswich Town owner Marcus Evans has come up with an ingenious method to raise funds for new signings.

He has forced under-pressure manager Mick McCarthy to carry around a swear box, and donate £5 each time he mouths off.

Evans reckons he should have collected enough money for some quality new players by the New Year.

McCarthy got into hot water at the weekend with a press conference littered with four-letter words.

His potty mouth was in response to Ipswich fans at Burton chanting their displeasure (even though the team went on to secure a rare victory).

But McCarthy, who swears more than is often necessary, apologised yesterday when facing the press again.

He told cowering hacks: “It appears that I’ve offended one or two. Strange that isn’t it? How sensitive people can be when I have to stand there and listen to it for nearly 90 minutes.

“Apparently I’ve upset someone by swearing. If that’s the case then yes they’re right – I shouldn’t have used bad language. I apologise for that.”

McCarthy, still smarting from the recent derby defeat to East Anglian rivals Norwich City, will now carry around the swear box at training, in his office, on the team coach – and particularly at press conferences.

With Evans famoulsy tightening his purse strings, McCarthy may actually welcome collecting some extra cash, but he will be furious it will have to come from his own pocket.

He said: “If I want new players I need some f*cking money. Oh, sh*t.”

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